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W - Up
S - Down
A/D - Strafe 
Q/E - Roll 
Z - Look Behind

Shift + A/D - Dodge
Mouse Wheel - Throttle

R/T - Cycle Target (Prev/Next)
- Clear Target

Left Click - Fire Primary Weapon
Space - Fire Secondary Weapon
F - Fire Counter Measures

Escape - Unlock Mouse Cursor
Enter/Return - Lock Mouse Cursor to Game Window

Push your engines to the max and give chase to one of the most sinister bounties this side of the galaxy. Keep your eye on the prize as you dodge gunfire from drones and a merciless onslaught of missiles!

Starhunter was created in 14 days for the Space Cowboy Game Jam. This version of Starhunter isn't going to be the last... Keep an eye out for a better optimized version with a lot more gameplay that we didn't quite have time to get finished for the game jam (plus our artist's hardware got destroyed by a lightning strike)!

See you (soon), Space Cowboy!

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
Tagsbounty-hunter, missiles, Space, space-game, Space Sim